Born in the US, of Greek descent and now based in New York, I have a strong passion for photography and find myself drawn to a mix of street, nature and landscape themes. Using a Leica Rangefinder allows me to better interact with my subject, noticing details and capturing moments that would otherwise go undocumented all while maintaining a very unobtrusive presence. My first camera an Olympus OM1, I purchased in 1978 during my Thanksgiving College break in NYC 35 years ago….Holding in my hands this tiny mechanical camera felt good and natural. Since then, I went on to try other brands such as Nikon, Canon, Pentax, Contax and Ricoh, but nothing gave me that special feeling again until 1996 when my close friend Ken Hansen introduced me to the Leica M6. Holding it and working the film advance lever with its silky smooth movement and pressing and feeling that buttery – smooth shutter along with that magical “click” made for love at first sight. Ever since, my love and appreciation for these Leica Rangefinder mechanical and digital marvels has helped me capture and share with my friends and family those special moments of what I see and feel when I press the shutter. As you can see from my style, I like to shoot wide and normal aspect, which enables me to engage my subject making them feel comfortable and allowing for a more relaxed and natural process. The small size and portability of the system makes for a very effective street, travel and candid photography tool.

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